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Magic symbols

From all over the world, merchants has arrived at the City Fair Grounds, offerring unusual items to the residents of Faeo. But only at the Weaponsmity you can find the unique artifacts and items, brought from the distant and mysterious Otherworld.

Brave Warriors! At the Weaponsmithy you will find magic moulds, with the help of which, you can significantly improve the characteristics of your weapons and armor!

You can buy goods from the other world for golden coins  and if you don't need them - return them at the same day: the merchants will buy back the moulds for the same price. Moreover, you can always buy magic moulds for diamonds at the Premium Shop. However, keep in mind: if you want to return the unused goods to the merchants, the payment for them will be in golden coins

The sale at Weaponsmithy will last only four days! Therefore, on Friday at 17:00 the merchants will leave the Trade Fair Grounds and go in search for the new wonders, that is why you should not miss your chance to acquire the enchanted moulds.

Magic Moulds of the Otherworld – guarantee your victory in any battle!

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