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Rare Items for Special Price

Warriors of Faeo! City tradesmen announced the start of yet another sale in the Premium shop, you can purchase various goods for very special price!

Merchants are also selling Spark of the Heavenly Fires! IMPORTANT: After the update that will take place on all servers this week you will be able to receive Medals of Worship with the help of Spark of the Heavenly Fires. Make sure you purchase enough of them in advance!

You will also have a unique opportunity to purchase Certificate for 100 diamonds. Bankers don't want to sell with a loss and will have a commission from every sale, thus the cost of each certificate is – 120 diamonds. Bankers won't sell more than 5 certificates in one hands. City authorities already announced that you would be able to sell these certificates on Auction and Exchange.

Pay attention! Power Leveling Thresholds are not applied when selling diamond certificates: seller sets a price according to the demand on the item.

Hurry sale will last till 23:59:59, September 30th!

IMPORTANT: Global non-break is on till October 3rd. Interserver battlefields will be temporarily turned off to perform game update for about a week!

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