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War Dogs

Ringing voices of hunting horns are heard all over the world of Faeo. Right after them the wind brings furious barks. The hunt has started! No monster will escape the bloodthirsty dogs – the pack of loyal companions of hunters is able to run down and tear to pieces the most dangerous game! Masters only have to collect the trophies, while the hungry dogs are searching for the trace of new monsters…

Estate owners can now build a new building on their territory – Kennels! By sending a pack of dogs to hunt via one press of the button, you can kill monsters without leaving your estate! You will receive trophies, quest resources, silver and experience as if you were in the ordinary fight (pay attention that the effects that affect the amount of silver and experience you receive will not work, i.e. Experience elixir, effect of Statue of Experience). Ordinary monsters from locations level of which is equal to or one level below yours are available for the hunt. Moreover, for a monster to become available for the hunt, you will have to kill it yourself no less than 50 times. Only monsters that live on your continent are available for the hunt.

There are two variants of hunt available: onetime, in which only one monster is killed, or big hunt – which lets you kill 10 monsters at a time. The number of onetime hunts per day is limited and equals to 5. There is no such restriction for big hunts but they are available only for diamonds. The cost of the hunt depends on the type of the monster, moreover, monsters killed via the Kennels, are counted in the general limit on the daily number of the monsters you can kill (in addition they are counted in achievements). The construction on Kennels will cost you 970 energy points.

Let the cry of your loyal dogs make the monsters shake in fear!

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